Boid is real-time strategy at its most primal. No funds to manage or infrastructures to build. It’s a kill or be killed battle of rapid decisions to dominate the gene pool.
Kepler 42-C. A faraway planet of little significance. At least, it was until a malfunctioning drone crashed into its ocean, forever altering the course of life and inciting a battle to claim the planet, one microorganism at a time.
Claim vital positions to replicate and mutate into seven specialized units, such as the fast and vulnerable Scout, the explosive Kamikaze, and the life-draining Leach. Press your enemies for weaknesses, outflank their ambushes, usurp their bases, and amass an unstoppable swarm to overpower your adversaries.
This is more than a battle for your survival. It’s a fight for all life to come.
Fight to claim the planet in an 10-hour, single-player campaign
Available as DLC, the single-player campaign takes you on a journey to claim the planet and teaches you everything you need to succeed in multiplayer. Only the single player campaign is paid in BOID - everything else is free.
Create the perfect skirmish with bots and four difficulty levels.
Bots allow for easy practice in multiplayer matches.
Go online with ranked, unranked, and private 1v1 matches.
Featuring a full-on league system
The more you play, the more your list of Friends & Rivals grows.
BOID keeps track of your opponents for easy challenging
Create custom maps to share, and subscribe to your favorite creators.
A fully functional level editor allows you to create your own multiplayer maps
Color blind mode for heightened game accessibility.
Super easy to pick up gameplay, no base building to worry about - it's all about mutation and classes
Rock paper scissors style class system. Do you go for the heavy/strong/slow units or for the fast/weak/rush ones?
Twitch Integration for multiplayer matches
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