Mighty Party: Wonder Girls Pack

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Are you ready for thrilling journey? The Wonder Girls Pack is a great choice for the true adventurer to get a quick ang great start in Mighty Party!
List of incredibly powerful and beautiful girls of our World you will get:
Ayfe Arrow x50 - Epic Hero
Titania x50 - Epic Hero
Athens x5 - Legendary Hero
Gems x1500
Gold x15000
Lead your MIGHTY PARTY to victory! -> Be no. 1 !
For a new account: you'll get your rewards after tutorial and 2 PVP fights.
If you’re not a new player please check that DLC is installed and restart the game.
NOTE: Included gems won't be counted for VIP level.
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Mighty Party: Wonder Girls Pack
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Mighty Party: Wonder Girls Pack
Dátum vydania
5. čvn. 2017
Cena od
Panoramik Inc
Panoramik Inc
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