Intruder Alert: Ixian Operations

Genre: Real-Time-Strategy
In this game you pick one of 6 factions and battle in typical RTS-style your opponents. But Intruder Alert isn't like other strategy games. While in other games you have unit limits, Intruder Alert has no limits except your pc power. Moreover resources are drain realistically and your population grows exponential. Besides all factions differ greatly. For example the Ixir can transform all their buildings into vehicles and backwards and the Mercoss use only drones for all their economic jobs.
The story of Intruder Alert is shortly that you are an Ixir from a foreign Galaxy, who is the first of his race leaving their galaxy finding the Milky Way galaxy. There you get to know many different races, which are currently in war with each other. The game plays many years in the future, where the humans are already part of an alliance containing different alien races. In the Milkyway you also have to cope problems of any kind. If you want to know the details, play the game!
6 totally different Factions
about 10 units and 10 structures per faction.
30 campaign levels
more than 30 challenges
at least 50h gameplay
no unit limits
high performance
nice 2D graphics
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Intruder Alert: Ixian Operations
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Intruder Alert: Ixian Operations
Dátum vydania
21. čvc. 2016
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