Samurai Forge

Samurai Forge is a mix of Collectible Card Game and RPG totally redesigned. The game has a non-linear story that changes according to your decisions. Collect hundreds of different cards, discover new cities and powerful enemies. Develop blacksmith ability and forge your own equipment. You can play campaign or fight in Player x Player arenas for wonderful in-game rewards. There are uncountable ways to become a legendary player. Prepare for battle!
We've got some cool features from many other games and put it all together at Samurai forge:
Interactive story that changes according to players' decisions.
More than 150 unique hand-illustrated cards among Heroes, Potions, Weapons, Armors, Recipes and Materials.
50 different villages, where in each one you'll find 4-8 missions with different challenges and enemies to defeat.
Forge your own weapons and armors.
Forge your cards stronger by activating their chakras.
Use dark magic and evoke ancient powers to help you in battle.
Help other players to complete Guild missions.
Level-up to reveal new game features.
Replay any mission as many times as you want and every time enemies will have different behaviors and drop different items.
From time to time flash arena challenges will be offered to players. When completing the challenge in time, you will earn wonderful in-game rewards.
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Samurai Forge
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Samurai Forge
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