Skyforge - Free Steam Welcome Gift

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Welcome to Skyforge! We have a small welcome present for all new players joining us from Steam. This Free Steam Welcome Pack contains a permanent class unlock and some Premium Account time to help you start in the world of Aelion.
Class Unlock: Outlaw (permanent)This pack will permanently unlock the Outlaw class for you to enjoy (Available to choose from the class menu, once you have finished the tutorial). Lay down the law the old fashion way with nothing but two pistols and an itchy trigger finger! The Outlaw class is a charismatic, daring and dangerous hero, who brilliantly handles two side arms and, when necessary, dynamite. Accurate at range and deadly up close – The Outlaw is a force to be reckoned with!Premium Account (3 days)The Premium Account boosts your rewards in credits and Knowledge of Enemies for killing enemies and completing adventures to 200%. You can also benefit from free transportation across the map and other advantages over a regular account.
Important: You will not be able to use a Steam-purchased Collector's Edition or Starter Kit on any account that was not created via Steam. If your account was created pre-Steam integration, or you created it via the MyCom launcher from our official website, simply head to our website store page instead.
This DLC will be delivered to the server that your FIRST log into after purchasing it. Please ensure that you log into the server that you want to receive these items and currencies on (Server selection is available in the Game Center, after launching the game from your Steam library).
Skyforge's unique server architecture supports one server per geographic region. Our server regions currently include servers in NA and EU. Purchases made through services in each of these regions can only be used on characters in the same region.
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Skyforge - Free Steam Welcome Gift
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Skyforge - Free Steam Welcome Gift
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13. dub. 2017
Allods Team
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