Fishing Planet: Santa's Kayak Pack

Fishing Planet: Santa's Kayak Pack
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Informace o obsahu Ho ho ho! Looks like Santa’s Kayak Pack is every angler's perfect Christmas present!
The best goodie in this giftbox is a collectible Christmas kayak, decorated to look like a real Santa's Sleigh! Great for lakes and rivers, this fun kayak lifts up your spirits with it’s festive holiday design and is constructed from high-quality material that’s both lightweight and durable! But that’s not all! Aside from a unique opportunity to ride Santa’s Sleigh this Christmas, you also get a full set of different holiday fireworks, a weekly pond pass to White Moose Lake and an Advanced Fishing License for the province of Alberta! Just the killer set you need to get maximum fun out of this Holiday Season’s boat fishing and enjoy angling cool creatures like Antlered Salmon and Furry Trout!

This Pack includes:
* 25 BAITCOINS use to purchase certain fishing tackle, available only for BaitCoins. Spend your BaitCoins wisely!
* 25 000 CREDITS use to purchase certain fishing tackle, available only for BaitCoins. Spend your BaitCoins wisely!
* 7 DAYS OF PREMIUM Enjoy seven days of Premium Status and advance your game progress by getting a 50% boost to Experience and Credits earned for every fish you catch! You also get the privilege of free registration in Competitions and the advantage of using free Forward Time function twice as often!

* Santa’s Sleigh Kayak - Length: 10 ft 4 in (3.15 m), Width: 35 in (88.9 cm), Weight: 55 lb (35 kg), Max Speed: 5 mph (9 kmh), Passenger capacity: 1

* Fireshark Epic Rockets
* Hellfish Arsonist Kit
* Squid-pro-Quo Blaster Pack
* 12 Monkeys Demolition Set

* Advanced Alberta License

POND PASSES (7 days):
* White Moose Lake
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Fishing Planet: Santa's Kayak Pack
Dátum vydania
18. pro. 2017
Fishing Planet LLC
Fishing Planet LLC
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